Regulations on Markets in Financial Instruments

The MiFID is the markets in financial instruments directive, transposed in Spain through Securities Market Act 24/1988 of 28th July, and Royal Decree 217/2008 of 15th February, concerning the legal system applicable to investment service companies.

Its objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • To provide a higher level of protection for customers, especially the retail investor, through the establishment of rules of conduct and protocols relating to organisation and control.

  • The introduction of a common regulatory framework to unify the providing of investment services in EU countries.

For customers to whom investment services are provided, the MiFID regulation entails the following: (i) the necessary customer classification and notification of the classification assigned; (ii) evaluation of suitability or advisability in terms of the investment service given, the classification of the customer and the type of financial instrument in question; (iii) the application of specific policies for the execution of orders and the handling of conflicts of interest, etc.

In this section, you will find the updated information given by Banco Santander to its customers when providing investment services, and we recommend that you read it.

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